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On-site Gas Generation Solutions

Airgas provides a variety of on-site gas generation solutions to fit the needs of your unique business.

  • Air separation units (ASU) compress, liquefy and distill air to separate it into its various components: nitrogen, oxygen and rare gases (argon, neon, krypton and xenon).
  • Large-scale gas generation units (tonnage) including FLOXAL™ on-site for large industrial customers such as steel mills, chemical plants and refineries. Large-scale FLOXAL on-site gas generation is available for nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Steam methane reformers (SMR) produce carbon dioxide and FLOXAL hydrogen through steam reforming using the latest and most reliable technologies. Hydrogen is typically used in the oil-refining process for hydro-desulphurization and to convert heavy crude oil into cleaner-burning transportation fuel.

With on-site gas generation from Airgas, you can minimize costs with a supply system that meets your unique gas usage profile. We assure continuous, worry-free gas supply, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Airgas offers multiple on-site generation solutions to meet your usage needs.

Airgas offers multiple on-site generation solutions to meet your usage needs.

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Why Airgas?

In the U.S. and globally, Airgas has the expertise to supply you with a variety of on-site production systems designed to help increase your operation’s production while improving efficiency. In addition, partnering with a single-source supplier will save you time and help you gain more efficiencies. Our one-stop shop offers a large national footprint and comprehensive collection of products and services, including industrial and specialty gases in a variety of packaging options, equipment and hardgoods, and safety products and PPE.