What’s a better use of your time: tracking down inventory or picking up productivity?

It’s a basic question that comes up when managing multiple vendors across multiple construction sites. Too few supplies can easily become too many—and vice versa. Increasing productivity at your construction sites relies on supply-chain dexterity, proven products and experienced productivity partners to reduce downtime and drive business.


Liberate production. Control consumption.

We go to great lengths to get you what you need to get the job done—on time and on budget.

Whether you’re building power plants and pipelines or bridges and office towers, you can increase jobsite capacity and drive down total costs with the help of the construction industry’s leading single source for all things gases, welding and safety.

Known for eliminating supply-chain headaches and inventory hassles, our nationwide distribution network is a streamlined alternative to managing multiple vendors. Our data-driven inventory management programs give you complete control over cylinder and bulk gases, welding hardgoods, safety supplies and rental equipment.

Keep your construction projects moving forward with timely supplies and accurate data.


Focus more on continuous improvement

Construction sites are ever-changing environments where standardized processes are key to sequence planning, productivity, reliability and profitability—all hallmarks of continuous improvement.

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on upcoming phases, you can be hindered by avoidable slowdowns caused by supply interruptions, inexperienced labor or safety missteps. Worse, working with multiple vendors can often compound these problems.


Look forward

We don’t take up your time. We help free up your capacity.

As the construction industry’s leading single-source provider of gases, welding supplies, safety products and training services, Airgas is uniquely positioned to address your critical construction needs, including:

  • Productivity
  • Procurement
  • Operations
  • Safety
  • Skill development

Expand your focus by consolidating suppliers. Our streamlined supply chains, application experience, customized modes of gas delivery and safety solutions enable a diverse range of firms to direct their attention on every phase of a construction project.

Whatever you’re building, we’ll deliver a constant flow of whatever you need. Our nationwide network of local construction experts, more than 900 branches, six state-of-the-art hardgood distribution centers, telesales teams and safety specialists help keep you on schedule, on budget and always improving.

Concentrate on what drives you forward by teaming with a productivity partner that can help you eliminate bottlenecks that slow your momentum.


Buy, rent or lease with Red-D-Arc®

Get the welding equipment, welding positioning equipment, portable power and lighting systems, plus expertise you need—when and where you need them.

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Manage gases & hardgoods with Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services

Eliminate waste, realize savings with a complete supply-chain solution for gases, welding and safety products that streamlines the whole management process.

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