Workforce Development

When supply interruptions occur, deadlines tend to get longer and learning curves can get a whole lot steeper.

With experience in short supply, smart workforce partners know that always providing you with the right products, the same products and the best products advances both construction project schedules and professional skills.


Stock up on skilled labor

We go beyond the traditional supplier role.

In responding to the needs of some of the nation’s largest construction firms, we see the connection between efficient supply and effective workforces. Our proven supply-chain strategies can reduce vendors, streamline purchasing and help you improve performance.

In addition to being the nation's leading single-source provider of gases, welding and safety products to the construction industry, we also offer direct access to product expertise and safety training.

Whether you’re tooling up a jobsite or replenishing it, we have what you need to keep everyone working—from “just-in-time” supplies and vending machines for consumable products to on-site Conex units and industrial gas deliveries ranging from cylinders and cylinder packs to MicroBulk and tube trailers. Plus, our certified welding and process specialists can show your workforce how to work smarter, faster and safer.

Improve productivity by teaming with a workforce partner that knows where product availability and skill development intersect. That’s Airgas, an Air Liquide company.


Redefine workforce development

Previously, workforce development in construction was seen mainly as a product of continuing education and professional training. Learning occurred offsite, after hours. Today, smart construction firms know that a productive jobsite provides its own source of invaluable educational opportunities.

When it comes to learning on the job in construction, it’s the three P’s that rule the day:

  • Product availability: get everything you need, when and where you need it
  • Product consistency: having the right product for the right function can boost productivity, comfort and worker safety across all your jobsites
  • Product continuity: ground breaking to ribbon cutting this is the ability to fulfill availability and consistency throughout all project phases

Get more, do more

We know the more your supply chain stays the same, the more your workforce will change, develop and grow.

Access to the right product, the same product and the best product can help keep your construction jobsite up and running. More importantly, it can help keep your workforce busy enhancing existing skills—and learning new ones.

Stand out in the construction industry by teaming with a workforce partner that can help you standardize your processes.


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