Fixed Automation: From seam welders and side beams to manipulators and turning rolls, the decision to implement a fixed automation solution comes with many questions and considerations. When you’re looking for guidance to make the right selection to bring more efficiency to your operation, turn to the Airgas Advanced Fabrication Technologies team. Our experts will guide you through the entire process — from equipment selection to installation and operation.

Flexible Automation: There are so many choices for flexible automation. It can be quite overwhelming. Maybe you need a traditional robotic solution for welding, cutting, fixturing, grinding, material handling or additive manufacturing, or you’d like to explore a collaborative robotic (cobot) system that allows you to interact with it directly. That’s where our Advanced Fabrication experts can help. Our team has experience working with all of the major manufacturers and can help source the right flexible automation solution for you. Our expertise extends to installation, training, gas selection and pretty much any other area you can think of when it comes to robotics and cobotics.

Cutting Automation: For cutting precision, optimal performance and peak productivity, our Advanced Fabrication experts will recommend the CNC plasma, laser or oxy-fuel cutting system suited best for your application. Once you’ve selected the cutting system that meets your needs, we’ll support you with installation and training along with a comprehensive cutting services program for ongoing maintenance and service. We also provide the gases, gas delivery equipment and consumables you need to keep your cutting automation processes running.

Portable Automation: Taking the first step into automation is often done with a portable automation (sometimes also referred to as semi-automation) solution. Common types of portable automation include tractors, rail systems and tracing systems. Whether it’s your first stop on the automation journey or just the solution that fits your operation best, you can count on the Advanced Fabrication experts for equipment, gas and consumables expertise plus the ongoing support you need along the way.