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Weiler® 6" X 5/8" - 11 Steel Knot Wire Wheel Brush

Airgas Part #:WBU09400

Manufacturer Part #:09400

$47.90 /Each
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$47.90 Each
$479.00 Pack 10 Each / Pack

Item Details

  • Weiler® Stringer Bead Wheels performance-engineered construction makes them the most effective weld cleaning tools for the most demanding users. Identifiable by their gold nuts, our premium weld cleaning brushes are designed and manufactured to the most stringent quality standards in the industry. Weiler stringer bead wheels utilize the highest quality wire available and feature a twist that puts all of the sharp tips at the very end of the knots, making them the fastest, most aggressive weld cleaning tools on the market. For example, the construction of Weiler's original Roughneck® brush virtually eliminates knot movement resulting in the most effective cleaning action, smoothest operation, and longest wheel life. Offered in a variety of widths for efficient use in inter-pass weld cleaning operations, our entire line of cleaning brushes excel at removing slag, spatter, and oxidation without damaging the filler material. They are engineered to maximize your efficiency and minimize your costs.


  • Each knot is twisted through its own hole and locked into an individual sprocket tooth to prevent the knots from moving, and allows them to have stronger striking action on the work surface
  • Wire brushes clean surfaces in the same manner as sand blasting
  • Superior quality hardened steel wire rotating at a high rate of speed, the brushes have the ability to separate surface contaminants from base material
  • Wire brushes will not remove base material or change part dimensions
  • Wire brushes will not load when brushing soft materials or when used to remove paint and similar coatings
  • Weiler®'s solid ring construction ensures the brush will run smoother and last longer, even in the toughest application situations


  • Cleaning rust, scale and oxidation
  • Deburring
  • Weld Cleaning
  • Roughening Surfaces
  • Edge Blending
  • Surface Preparation


  • Warning: Failure to observe safety precautions may result in injury

Product Attributes

Brush Type

» Wheel Brush


» 6"


» 5/8" - 11

Wire Diameter

» .02"


» 12500

Wire Type

» Steel

Wire Style

» Knot Wire

Power Tool Type

» Right Angle Grinders

Trim Length

» 1 1/8"