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Sustainability At Airgas

Sustainability is an important and growing part of the Airgas culture.

In the three decades since our company was founded, the world has been introduced to two important concepts. First came "sustainable development," which called on companies in every industry to find ways to meet the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Next came the "triple bottom line," which called on companies to account for their environmental, social and financial performance with equal emphasis.

These concepts resonated immediately within Airgas, and have taken greater hold with each passing year. Doing the right thing in all aspects of our business, including sustainability, has always been our credo.

As a leading U.S. producer and distributor of atmospheric gases, carbon dioxide, dry ice and nitrous oxide, a leading U.S. supplier of hardgoods, welding supplies, safety products, refrigerants, ammonia products and process chemicals, and a company that employs 17,000 associates in more than 1,100 locations, we realize that our company has a responsibility to ensure sustainable development and achieve balanced success across the triple bottom line.

In the past, consistent with our operating culture, many of our sustainability efforts were carried out at the local level. Airgas is a company that has grown rapidly through acquisitions and we encourage our associates to embrace an entrepreneurial approach as they work closely with customers in their local communities. More recently, we began to coordinate our company-wide sustainability efforts to accelerate what is being done locally and expand our impact. Our Sustainability Committee, launched in 2014, is directing this effort, and this report—our first-ever Airgas Sustainability Report—outlines our current areas of focus, goals, progress and the principles that will keep us moving forward.