– Central Gas Supply

Boost Productivity and Safety with Central Gas Distribution

Centralized gas supply allows your labs to focus on research, not cylinders

Airgas’ Central Gas Supply system removes cylinders from the laboratory and relocates them to a centralized area where they can be piped to multiple points of use. You’ll greatly reduce the number of gas cylinders at your facility, reclaim valuable space, and create a safer, more productive environment, all without sacrificing control at the point of use.

Gain Space, Maintain Control

Outlet equipment can be mounted on a bench or wall, and the gas supply line can come from the floor or be hidden in the wall. Regulated outlet pressure protects workers and manages pressure changes that may occur in the gas stream.

You’ll monitor your gas supply through a local control panel, which indicates when a cylinder needs replacing. A semi-automatic panel option switches from empty to full cylinders to ensure a constant gas flow so your work is never interrupted.

Our Airgas Specialty Gas Equipment experts will assist you in each step of the central gas supply process, providing consultation during system design, installation, startup and daily application.


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