- EMS

Be prepared.  Be well supplied.

Today’s EMS firms know having the right supplies and reliable equipment is essential for saving lives. That’s why thousands of EMS providers around the country turn to Airgas to keep them stocked with medical gases, oxygen equipment, and safety supplies.

With more than 600 trained sales and service technicians nationwide, we will provide the inventory management, supply chain efficiency, dependable delivery and compliance expertise you need so you can better focus on what you do best.

Medical Oxygen – Oxygen, USP*

Airgas Puritan Medical has

  • 350 FDA-registered medical gas fill plants
  • All medical gases produced in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
  • 35 medical-only gas facilities
  • 2,500 vehicle delivery fleet

Cylinders – Aluminum and Steel

Medical aluminum cylinders are up to 25% - 40% lighter in weight than conventional steel cylinders. The cylinders have a brushed aluminum finish

with clear coat protective finish. The cylinders come with the standard CGA 870 post valve. “On-Off” toggle handle CGA-870 valves may also be ordered for the cylinder.

EMS Walk-O2-Bout®, Stretcher

An Aluminum D cylinder with a fully integrated valve, regulator and short handle that enables easy transport of small oxygen cylinder by First Responders. The EMS Walk-O2-Bout® Stretcher has the gauge, flow setting and oxygen outlet port on the same side, making it easy to administer and monitor oxygen usage during transport. The shorter handle is designed to meet tight conditions. The oxygen port conveniently swivels so movement will not pull the cannula from the patient’s nose.


The Caire® Liberator™ for EMS Applications is designed for ambulance EMT applications. The unit optimizes the weight to gas capacity ratio and eliminates high pressure gas cylinder handling issues.

Oxygen Transfill Systems

A wide range of transfill configurations are available for cost effective and safe filling of high pressure aluminum or steel oxygen cylinders.


The Western Enterprises Octi-Flo2 oxygen manifold delivers portable

convenience for Mass Casualty Response (MCR) Teams, EMS or triage situations. The light weight system features the QuickClick™ click-style flowmeters to let you quickly lock into your exact flow from 0-25 lpm for up to eight patients.