– Hidden Welding Costs

Unlocking the hidden cost of welding

Discover how quality standards affect productivity and profit when MIG welding

Discover new ways to improve your bottom line with Airgas’ Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding class. Designed for decision makers and engineers, you’ll learn from the experts how to increase your profits by welding more efficiently and more effectively. You’ll spend time in our state-of-the-art classroom discovering how to improve weld quality. Then you’ll put what you’ve learned to the test in the lab with the support of experienced Airgas Weld Process Specialists. Remove the common myths associated with the art of welding. The Airgas Hidden Cost of Welding class teaches welding as a science requiring precise measurement and control of inputs to achieve consistent quality output. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll improve your processes and you’ll improve your bottom line.

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