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Rely on Airgas to help you lower your production costs.

Our proven solutions have helped big-equipment manufacturers lower their total cost of operations.

How? By providing the right gases, welding, and safety products for specific processes and managing those products by employing the most efficient and effective supply chains available.  We also provide expertise in the most effective use of those products after a thorough review your processes, providing measurable improvement.

Our Metal Fabrication Automation group provides expertise in selecting the right equipment for specific operations, and then assists with the installation, training, servicing and use of the right consumable products.  We’ve helped many companies with their automation strategies and implementation.  The result has been greater savings and a more competitive position.

Airgas is one of the country’s largest providers of industrial gases, welding equipment and supplies, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for employees.  Our OUTLOOK® Managed Services program takes the hassles out of managing your on-site supplies of gases, supplies, and equipment — we do it for you and show you measurable cost savings. 

With more than 15,000 employees in over 1,100 locations nationwide, including six strategically placed distribution centers, we provide the personalized, local service you need no matter where you are.

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