– Transportation Services

If you’re moving people, packages, or freight — you need Airgas.

The U.S. depends on the efficient movement of people and materials.  And that means planes, trains, buses, automobiles, trucks, ships, and railroads all need to operate efficiently and at the lowest possible cost to maintain profitability.  Airgas can help.

We’re one of the country’s largest providers of industrial gases, welding equipment and supplies, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for your employees.  We also provide one of the most effective refrigerant reclamation and recycling programs.  Airgas is the largest supplier of dry ice for use with the airlines.  And we offer Airgas AiRx Diesel Exhaust Fluid for use in diesel engines with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. 

Along with having the right products, Airgas provides the most cost-effective and efficient supply chain solutions.  We understand you operate within tight schedules and need to have exactly what you need when you need it.  So we’ve invested more than any other supplier in providing the right supply chains for our customers.

Airgas is also second to none when it comes to service.  With more than 15,000 employees in over 1,100 locations nationwide, including six strategically placed distribution centers we provide the personalized, local service you need wherever you need us to be.

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