– Hydrocarbon Standards

Accurate, reliable standards to improve your process controls.

Airgas is one of the leading producers of hydrocarbon standards with the reputation for providing the highest quality calibration standards and customer service.  The Airgas National Hydrocarbon Center of Excellence is strategically located on the Houston Ship Channel to more effectively serve the petrochemical, refining, and natural gas industries.  And with more than 1,100 locations nationwide, Airgas can provide hydrocarbon standards anywhere in the country.

Calibration standards.

Airgas offers a wide range of standards to meet just about any challenge. To ensure the mixture integrity and stability of the calibration standards we produce, Airgas technical representatives evaluate custom requests and recommend appropriate cylinders in with respect to size and construction, as we’ll as proper gas handling equipment depending upon the types and concentrations of components in the mixture.  Airgas MIXMASTER technology and other proprietary programs are available to help predict the phase behavior of mixtures.  We can produce virtually any blend or mixture for your specialized hydrocarbon or petrochemical application.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Examples of calibration standards:

  • Refinery
  • Natural Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Pilot Plants
  • R&D Mixtures
  • Sulfur Mixtures
  • Equipments
  • How to operate piston cylinder

The Airgas advantage.

  • We commit to apply best available technical  edge to make sure our calibration standards are the best
  • We construct the most suitable and economical solutions for your problems
  • We certify our equipment so that our calibration standards are as precise as possible
  • We control our data to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our standards

For more details, call the Airgas Hydrocarbon Center of Excellence:

(281) 842-6952.