– Upstream Oil and Gas Producers

Reliable gases, welding and safety equipment, plus portable power generation.

Production delays, budget overruns, equipment downtime, not having what you need when you need it … those are just a few the major headaches upstream oil and gas producers face on a regular basis.  Airgas can help eliminate some of those headaches so you can concentrate on finding and producing much-need oil and gas.

As the leading supplier of gases, welding, and safety products, with the country’s largest and most robust supply chain, Airgas delivers what you need every day to keep your operations running smoothly.  From gases, welding and cutting equipment, consumables and power tools, to personal protective equipment (PPE), on-site gas monitoring, safety training, fall protection and supplied-air breathing services, Airgas is the one reliable source for all of these critical supplies.  And our attractive leasing programs for welding equipment, dependable portable power generation, and safety equipment help take the strain off your budget.

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