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Gases, welding and safety products are a small portion of the manufacturing process, yet they have an enormous impact on productivity. OUTLOOK® Services from Airgas is a proven solution that eliminates waste, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies in supply chain management, delivering substantial savings in the process. In fact, the savings for gases, welding and safety products can be as much as 20 times more than those realized by simply hunting for the lowest product price alone.

The cost of the program is offset by the direct and indirect cost savings, which result from the implementation of the program.

See how OUTLOOK is different from other inventory management programs.

Work with OUTLOOK, and you’re working with a proven record of performance. Airgas serves industrial sites throughout North America. We have documented scores of completed savings projects that prove we routinely achieve the results we claim. We have many testimonials that further verify our superior track record.

We make sure the OUTLOOK Services program we provide your organization is aligned with your business goals.

We then measure and report on productivity gains.  OUTLOOK site managers possess an average of 10 years direct operations experience before they enter our program.  The average level of direct gas, equipment, and supplies experience is more than 16 years. With OUTLOOK, your company acquires a knowledgeable “advocate” that addresses engineering, technical, administrative and logistical issues. Our site personnel are backed up by a staff of technical experts in our regional and corporate offices.

See how OUTLOOK can customize your program.

Our unique approach is what sets OUTLOOK apart from any other supply management service. Our focus is on measurable solutions that squeeze the maximum productivity from every facet of the process. From ordering and delivery, to inventory control and distribution, the closer we look, the more we can help you save. What’s more, Airgas can manage the entire process, including industrial, medical and specialty gases and equipment, welding hardgoods, as well as chemicals and safety equipment.

We can tailor an OUTLOOK program specifically for your needs and your budget. Your program may include:

  • Site survey and assessment
  • Transition management
  • Transition management
  • Onsite total gas, equipment and supplies management

OUTLOOK® benefits:

  • Lowers cost of ownership
  • Reduces inventory
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Improves service and deliveries
  • OUTLOOK® Services also includes all the benefits of AIM™ (Airgas Inventory Management) which typically provides:
    • 30% reduction in inventory
    • 95% reduction in gas-related incidents
    • 90% reduction in paperwork
  • Eliminates receiving and warehousing
  • Eliminates annual bidding
  • Streamlines paperwork
  • Improves product tracking
  • Improves site safety

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