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Safety. The environment. The communities we serve. At Airgas, we have a deep commitment to making them top priorities—and we have the track record to back it up.

At Airgas, we put safety first. So it’s no surprise that we’re also recognized as a leader in safety in the industry, in areas including fleet and workplace safety.


Fleet safety

At Airgas, driving safety is paramount and our performance in this area was validated again in calendar year 2013 when we earned two Fleet Safety Excellence Awards from the Compressed Gas Association. Our cylinder and bulk fleets were recognized for having the lowest vehicle accident frequency rate among the industry’s large fleets. This is the fifth consecutive year that Airgas’ cylinder fleet has received this honor and the fifth win since 2005 for our bulk fleet.


Workplace safety

Safety has been—and always will be—a priority in our operations. Airgas believes that safety is every associate’s responsibility, and we are very proud of our workplace safety track record.


Awards for safety

The Compressed Gas Association awarded Duane Young, Director of the Airgas SAFECOR organization, with the Charles H. Glasier Safety Award in recognition of his safety leadership in the industrial gas industry. At Airgas SAFECOR, Young helped develop and implement 28 regulatory compliance systems for Airgas that reduced workplace accident frequency and severity by more than 60 percent, and also established Airgas as an industry leader in fleet safety.


Environmental responsibility: Reducing impact, making a difference

We’re continually making improvements to our operations to reduce negative effects on the environment and to offset our environmental impact.

Operations and fleet achievements

  • Overall fleet fuel efficiency over the last four years has improved by over 4.5%, saving almost 900,000 gallons of fuel this past year alone and reducing CO2 emissions by over 9,000 metric tons—the equivalent emission reduction of taking about 1,900 cars off the road
  • Nearly 1,672 Airgas diesel engine trucks are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, using our own AiRx™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions by as much as 90 percent
  • A hydrogen generator using steam methane reforming technology at our Sacramento, CA cylinder-fill plant eliminates the cost and emissions associated with transporting hydrogen to the plant
  • Reclaimed refrigerant returned from customers totaled over 1.6 million metric tons of CO2 (equivalent) in 2012

Products and services achievements

  • Precise gas mixtures comply with EPA standards. (In fact, Airgas has been chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to supply NIST-Certified Standard Reference Material as the basis for EPA protocol gases.)
  • Assisting metal fabricators in evaluating their cutting and welding operations and helping them increase efficiency, productivity and quality, while reducing the use of material resources and waste
  • Airgas SmartTag cylinder monitoring technology helps customers comply with complex expiration dating on EPA protocol gases
  • Refrigatron™ automates the reclamation of refrigerants, saving time and money, and decreasing environmental impact
  • Airgas continues to invest in technology and services that encourage industry compliance with EPA regulations for ozone-depleting chemicals. Our ReKlaim® drop-off program and our Used Refrigerant Collection service provide contractors with a method to easily return used refrigerants while consolidating freight shipments back to reclamation sites
  • AirgasAiRx™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid for diesel engine trucks with SCR technology (including our own) reduces harmful nitrogen oxide diesel exhaust pollutants by up to 90 percent
  • Safe-T-Cyl™ offers an environmentally responsible returnable package for small volumes of process chemicals
  • Hydrogen generators and fuel cells power fork lifts and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint for large fleet users
  • Airgas SF6 Emission Reduction Program—part of the voluntary EPA initiative—helps utility companies maximize cylinder utilization, minimize contamination, lower consumption and improve EPA standings

Location improvements

  • Increased energy efficiency of our 16 air-separation units by nearly five percent
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions at six distribution centers by the equivalent of almost two million pounds per year
  • Implemented recycling programs to reduce cardboard waste from our six distribution centers by 700,000 pounds per year
  • Reduced water usage by 11 million gallons per year by replacing hydrostatic cylinder testing with ultrasonic cylinder testing

Taking responsibility—locally and socially

In addition to many local community service activities, Airgas pursues a number of enterprise-wide endeavors in our role as a good corporate citizen and neighbor. The company also provides more than 365,000 hours of training and learning development to Airgas associates, including course sessions on safety that they can apply to their career and communities.

Operation Homefront

One of our most notable social campaigns is ongoing support for Operation Homefront, a non-profit organization that supports America’s service members by providing emergency assistance and aid to families of those deployed and to those returning home wounded. Contributions include:


  • An ongoing financial commitment to Operation Homefront
  • Associate involvement in Operation Homefront local chapter activities and fundraisers
  • Offering the Airgas “Welding 101” course at no cost to any veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan service who is interested in exploring a career in welding