Turnaround Services

Our turnaround services are comprehensive and systematic to maximize results:

  1. We begin each project with a thorough overview of your project operations and project scope
  2. Next we create a total solution to assist you in arriving at a safe and healthful conclusion
  3. Finally, we get to work on a comprehensive tracking system to monitor the location of every piece of equipment you’ve rented or leased for the project

And to top it off, we offer on-site safety and rescue operations personnel to train and supervise your staff—along with skilled technicians to maintain and repair critical respirator and gas detector equipment.

Our experienced personnel and the wide variety of safety equipment and supplies we provide on-site help us meet virtually any turnaround need you have. This cost-reducing, fully integrated approach includes:

  • On-site pre-turnaround planning
  • Safety services—site-specific training, safety supervision, permit writing,
    confined-space monitoring and safe work auditing
  • On-site respirator fit-testing and health questionnaire completion
  • Respiratory equipment rental and service
  • Air-quality monitor rental and service
  • Industrial hygiene and heat index monitoring equipment
  • Breathing air—in cylinders, MircoBulk and tube trailers
  • Fall protection rental and service
  • Decontamination trailers
  • Five psi blast-proof supply trailers
  • Safety and rescue operations personnel available on site
  • Certified vertical, horizontal and high-angle rescue teams
  • Daily safety incident reporting
  • Compliance inspection services
  • Support from more than 1,100 Airgas locations nationwide

Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services saves you time and money

Offering a centralized on-site supply management system, Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services delivers significant time and cost savings. And our track record is totally trusted. With more than 400 completed OUTLOOK projects under our belt, Airgas On-Site Safety Services has the experience to deliver a comprehensive, well-managed delivery system that meets your unique turnaround needs. Our offerings include:

  • Complete inventory of welding and safety equipment rentals and supplies
  • Supplemental high-purity breathing air, and welding and cutting gases provided in cylinders and on-site mobile trailers
  • Managed tracking and inventory control covering both your equipment and ours

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