INTELLI-OX is an innovative Airgas Healthcare solution that helps you keep track of medical oxygen usage. Utilizing a digital gauge, it provides a clear and easy way to identify the time remaining before your integrated portable Medical Oxygen delivery system runs out of gas.

Newly designed to make your job easier, below are some of the key features and benefits that make INTELLI-OX the right choice for any medical facility using medical oxygen at a specified flow rate.

  • Advanced digital gauge provides a clear technological advantage
  • Lightweight aluminum cylinder features a newly designed duragraphix for easy product identification
  • Best-in-class integrated valve and regulator assembly offer added safety and ease of use
  • Ergonomic handle makes cylinder easily portable
  • Flow rate knob is precise and highly visible for peace of mind
  • Barbed outlet provides a flow range of 0-25 lpm and 50 psi supply through the DISS port
  • FDA 510k cleared as MR Conditional

Increase patient safety
By automatically calculating remaining time and providing clear instructions on the side of the cylinder, INTELLI-OX allows caregivers to focus on patient safety instead of worrying about how much time they have until their cylinder runs out of gases.

With its proven reliability, the digital gauge triggers audible and visible alerts to indicate precisely when the cylinder needs to be replaced. Specifically, INTELLI-OX will alert you when there’s 1/4 content remaining and when the remaining time falls below 15 minutes at the selected flow rate.

Optimize time
With INTELLI-OX, you won’t have to waste time hooking up unnecessary gas equipment thanks to the integrated valve and regulator assembly. Additionally, INTELLI-OX gives customers direct information to better manage their medical oxygen administration.

Save money
INTELLI-OX gives you direct information to help better manage medical oxygen administration—eliminating the costs and hassles of unexpected runouts, and reducing turnover frequency.

Digital Integration

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Get expert guidance with Total Gas Management, a third-party partnership that provides you with a dedicated onsite TGM Specialist.

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Always ready when you are—wherever you are

Simplify supply with our safe, reliable and easy-to-use solution for first responders and healthcare practitioners.

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