Workforce Alignment


Do more with less. That’s what you’ve been hearing for years.

And so far you’ve been able to do so with remarkable results. However, you can only stretch your staff so far until you risk compromise. And in R&D, compromise is the enemy of innovation.

As you continue to push the limits of innovation, you’re challenged to make sure your staff has the support it needs to make the most of every new opportunity.

Supply availability and consistency are critical to your success. Effective partners are those who create and execute procurement strategies that keep your facilities and staff supplied with what they need to remain productive—learning and always moving forward.


Remove the administrative hassles

At Airgas Healthcare, we see how an uninterrupted supply chain can help you produce more breakthroughs and more leaders.

As the R&D sector’s leading single source for all things gases and safety, we deliver the right product, the same product, the best product. To one site—or all your sites. You’ll always have direct access to product expertise, training and proper usage.


Solve for succession

In addition to overseeing research projects and applying for funding, you’re also responsible to your staff. Terms like engagement and alignment come into play. By delivering supply-chain strategies, vendor consolidation, economies of scale and reduced administrative functions, we enable you to create an environment where your staff knows it’s empowered—and appreciates you for it.


Increase patient safety & optimize time

Accurately track medical oxygen usage and clearly identify the time remaining before run out.

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Iron out the logistics

Get expert guidance with Total Gas Management, a third-party partnership that provides you with a dedicated onsite TGM Specialist.

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Always ready when you are—wherever you are

Simplify supply with our safe, reliable and easy-to-use solution for first responders and healthcare practitioners.

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