Get help to achieve 100 percent all the time.

In the downstream energy and chemicals industry, achieving anything less than full capacity, even a percentage point or two, can cost you millions in bottom-line contributions and lost opportunity. So when it comes to maximizing the capacity of your facility, don’t take chances—especially with your vendors.

But if you’re using multiple vendors to tackle your business challenges, you may have created many smaller problems. Sometimes, in the quest to achieve full capacity, having less can offer you a whole lot more.


Focus on what matters

We know your goal is getting the most out of your facilities, your resources and your suppliers. But the more time you spend chasing down suppliers, the less time you can focus on what matters most.

As one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers for all things gases, welding and safety, we provide supply-chain consistency you can rely on. The breadth of Airgas products and services combined with unmatched industry support allows you to consolidate vendors, reduce costs and improve efficiency throughout your organization.

We make sure you’re never without what you need to get the job done—on time and on budget—including products, services and knowledge that address:

  • Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)
  • Preventative risk and on-site safety
  • Hydrocarbon measurement (feed, process and finished product)
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Application expertise and product training
  • Plant turnarounds

Maintain compliance and control

You can trust Airgas EPA protocols for reliability—the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) does. It chose Airgas to provide the Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for gas mixtures used worldwide to calibrate instruments, such as Continuous Emissions Monitors (CEMs).

Our data-driven inventory management programs can help give you complete control over cylinder and bulk gases, welding hardgoods, safety supplies and rental equipment. And with a national network of 300 high-pressure filling plants, you never have to worry about gas supply interruptions.

Keep your operation running smoothly by drawing on the power of our supply consistency and industry expertise.


Advance with nitrogen-pumping services

Rely on our nitrogen-pumping services to purge unwanted elements from your natural gas pipelines prior to processing, transporting or storage. For petroleum pipeline pigging, our advanced nitrogen pumping services help you eliminate potential obstacles and contaminants. Airgas also provides nitrogen services for blanketing and pipeline pressure testing.


Accuracy and dependability: the Airgas Hydrocarbon Center of Excellence

Because measurement is critical in the energy business, we developed the Airgas Hydrocarbon Center of Excellence. Offering the highest levels of accuracy in output analysis (raw and processed) and an ability to reproduce the most complex blends repeatedly, we provide a wide range of standards to meet just about any challenge in the petrochemical, refining or natural gas industry. Plus, we can provide these high-quality hydrocarbon standards anywhere in the country.


Capture “around-the-calendar” spend

Airgas On-Site Safety Services provides the products, services and experience needed to maximize safety and productivity during plant turnarounds, including:

  • On-site pre-turnaround planning
  • Safety services (training, supervision, confined-space monitoring, rescue teams)
  • Respiratory equipment rental and service
  • Air-quality monitor rental and service
  • Supplemental high-purity breathing air – cylinders, tube trailers and the AIR BOSS™ on-site production systems
  • Fall protection rental and service
  • Decontamination trailers
  • Blast-proof trailers
  • Respirators, monitors and meters
  • Stand-by rescue teams
  • Turnaround services and support
  • ColdJet® dry ice blasting cleaning and surface finishing process

Take a key step in preventing slowdowns, shutdowns and safety risks. Airgas On-Site Safety Services has you covered.


Buy, rent or lease with Red-D-Arc®

Get the welding equipment, welding positioning equipment, portable power and lighting systems, plus expertise you need—when and where you need them.

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On-Site Safety

What you need to help protect your workforce

Airgas On-Site Safety Services provides the safety solutions, products and training you need right at the jobsite.

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Supply Chain

Manage gases & hardgoods with Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services

Eliminate waste, realize savings with a complete supply-chain solution for gases, welding and safety products that streamlines the whole management process.

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