As processing productivity levels increase, plants and refineries look for more ways to address any skill gap in their workforce.

As the energy industry evolves, employs innovative extraction methods and identifies new territories to explore, businesses are challenged to ensure they can effectively manage any skill gap to make the most of every new opportunity.

Whether you're running a refinery, a chemical plant or a natural gas processing facility, availability and consistency are critical to your workforce’s professional growth. Vendors that provide an uninterrupted supply chain can empower you to develop your next generation of leaders.


Fill the skills gap

We see how an uninterrupted supply chain helps them—and you—accelerate their professional development.

Partnering with Airgas means creating procurement strategies that can help you streamline your supply chain, standardize your processes and create a sustainable and stable workforce for years to come.

As a leading single source in the energy industry for all things gases, welding and safety, Airgas uniquely delivers the right product, the same product, the best product. To one site—or all your sites. You’ll always have direct access to guidance on proper selection, training and usage.

Transform your workforce today and for years to come through enhanced output, visible craftsmanship and employee retention.


Buy, rent or lease with Red-D-Arc®

Get the welding equipment, welding positioning equipment, portable power and lighting systems, plus expertise you need—when and where you need them.

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On-Site Safety

What you need to help protect your workforce

Airgas On-Site Safety Services provides the safety solutions, products and training you need right at the jobsite.

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Supply Chain

Manage gases & hardgoods with Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services

Eliminate waste, realize savings with a complete supply-chain solution for gases, welding and safety products that streamlines the whole management process.

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