Leasing Services

Turn to asset-management leaders ready to help you control costs.

Airgas On-Site Safety Services is your go-to expert in asset management through safety-related equipment leasing. With more than 36,000 pieces of safety equipment in stock across 19 locations throughout the United States, we have the inventory to help you control "soft costs" that reduce your bottom line. There’s no better way to manage freight costs, downtime, unscheduled labor demands and lead times from outside vendors for repairs or deliveries — while boosting your cash flow.


Improve logistics while maximizing your bottom line

Our asset-management programs are custom tailored to your specific needs and are supported by our experienced personnel and extensive inventory of safety leasing equipment. Leasing from Airgas helps you:

  • Maintain cash as a flexible asset while preserving operating capital
  • Reduce monthly costs compared to a capital lease program
  • Upgrade equipment every three years— or mid-term —to keep pace with current technology
  • Keep factory warranties on logistics equipment for most– or all – of the lease contract
  • Eliminate repair costs and minimize downtime
  • Gain an edge against inflation (we’ll give you the assurance of a fixed rate for up to three years)
  • Concentrate on your core competencies
  • Eliminate selection, purchase and disposition costs
  • Leverage Airgas On-Site Safety Services flexible fleet rentals for specialty contracts or peak demand periods
  • Benefit from the support of more than 1,100 Airgas locations nationwide

Service Advantage Plus: you lease it, we maintain it

With Service Advantage™ Plus, you can be assured that your leased equipment will be maintained by those who know it best – so you can concentrate on what you know best. Our certified technicians provide the highest quality, including:

  • Factory-trained expertise
  • Scheduled maintenance plans
  • Calibration services
  • How-to training both on site and in shop


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