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You should have received an email with your Airgas.com password on October 2, 2016. If you cannot locate this email, contact technical support to get your credentials.

Air Liquide's Healthcare, Industrial and Specialty Gases accounts on myAirLiquide.com have been transferred to Airgas.com. Learn more about this transition by referring to the FAQs below.

  • Air Liquide acquired Airgas in May 2016 with the vision of delivering greater value and service to our customers. In taking the best from both companies, Air Liquide's Healthcare, Industrial and Specialty Gases business will be rebranded to Airgas USA LLC due to higher name recognition in the U.S. Since you are a healthcare, industrial or specialty gases customer, your account will fall under our Airgas USA LLC umbrella.

  • Yes, your myAirLiquide.com account will be still active as READ ONLY. With a read-only account, you can only inquire about orders submitted prior to September 28. All orders submitted after September 28 will be available on Airgas.com.

  • Airgas.com

  • Before October 3, 2016, contact your Air Liquide representative. After October 3, 2016, you may check your order status on Airgas.com.

  • No, the login credentials to your Airgas.com account will be different than your myAirLiquide.com. You will use the email address that this email was sent to as your new Airgas.com username.