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Getting reliable medical-grade gases is easier than you think

The list of supplies you need to keep your facility on schedule, in compliance and accessible for administering patient care is large, no matter where you are in the healthcare system. In addition to managing your medical-grade oxygen, medical-grade liquid nitrogen, and other medical gases and related equipment, you must also remain efficient.

What’s challenging you today?

  1. Managing gas supply, sometimes across multiple facilities
  2. Forecasting medical oxygen and gas use accurately
  3. Meeting rigid scheduling requirements
  4. Improving safety and compliance
  5. Reducing waste and emissions associated with gas use

Face healthcare’s major challenges with reliable medical gas supply

In times of calm and crisis, Airgas Healthcare is always there with you — providing medical gas supply that is reliable, simple and sustainable — no matter where you care for your patients. With multiple supply modes to choose from, you get access to the right amount of gas you need to avoid runouts, maintain schedules and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

And with the right medical-grade gases

Available in a variety of supply modes (including INTELLI-OX+™ and WOB+™ mobile medical gas cylinders), we’re always there for you — complete the form or call the location near you for more information.

Gas Liquid ECO ORIGIN™ Bulk Gas Hyperbaric Chambers Hospitals & Medical Centers Long-term Care Professional Practices EMS Vets
Oxygen (USP)*
Nitrogen (NF)
Nitrous oxide (USP)
Carbon dioxide (USP)
Nitric oxide
Dry ice
 * Available in portable cylinders with integrated cylinder valve technologies. Air: Walk-O2-Bout+™ | Oxygen: Walk-O2-Bout+ and INTELLI-OX+
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to simplify your medical gas supply

Fred Manley, an Airgas expert
Airgas is always there, in times of calm and crisis, providing reliable supply and seamless onsite gas management in a sustainable way so healthcare providers can focus on advancing patient care."

Fred Manley, Vice President of Life Sciences & Healthcare Markets

Reliable Supply no matter what

Your patients deserve reliable gas supply. We are always there for you, bringing peace of mind by making medical gases accessible when you need them.

Simplifying gas management and use

You deserve safe gas supply. Airgas Healthcare can help you safely simplify medical gas usage and management, combining the best of gas technology and expertise with highly committed teams.

Reaching carbon neutrality

We must all contribute. We can help you abate carbon emissions from bulk medical oxygen and nitrogen, from production to usage.

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Gas handling accessories and equipment to safely deliver your medical-grade gases

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Safety products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep you and your patients safe

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A network of specialists is available — with expertise in gas, equipment and respiratory therapy as well as environmental, health and safety (EHS)

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Simple and sustainable gas supply to help reduce your carbon footprint, ECO ORIGIN™ is available for bulk liquid oxygen and nitrogen

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