As a leading gases supplier in the U.S., Airgas Healthcare’s mission is to support our healthcare customers in their mission to improve lives.

Whatever your business specializes in, we provide one-stop access to the products and services you need to keep moving forward. Turn to Airgas Healthcare to support your business needs in the following fields:

Tap into an unmatched offering
Airgas Healthcare offers the most comprehensive product offering in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries, including a wide range of gases, gas supply modes, gas delivery systems and related safety products.

Dedicated to innovation
As a specialized brand of Airgas, an Air Liquide company, Airgas Healthcare benefits from its capabilities for healthcare innovation through an extended portfolio or products and services.

Medical-Grade Gases and Products

  • Oxygen, USP
  • Liquid oxygen, USP
  • Nitrogen, NF
  • Liquid nitrogen, NF
  • Nitrous oxide, USP
  • Laser mixes
  • Specialty gases
  • Compressed air, USP
  • Helium, USP
  • Drug/device gas mixtures
  • CO2
  • Dry ice
  • Hyperbaric oxygen supply

Laboratory and Specialty Gases and Products

  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Liquid carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Helium
  • Pure hydrocarbons
  • Hydrocarbon blends
  • NIST-traceable calibration standards
  • Healthcare refrigerants
  • Electronic-grade
  • Halocarbons
  • Process chemicals
  • Laser mixes
  • High-tolerance specialty gas mixtures

Gas-Related Equipment

  • Medical gas regulators
  • Emergency oxygen equipment
  • Carts, stands and wall mounts
  • Hoses
  • Connectors, nuts and nipples
  • Safety products
  • Oxygen therapy equipment
  • Sodalime

Gas Supply Modes

  • Cylinders (available in a wide variety of sizes)
  • Dewars and VGLs
  • MicroBulk delivery
  • Bulk delivery


  • Hospital logistics
  • Turnkey cryogenic solutions
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Hydrostatic/ultrasonic cylinder testing
  • eBusiness solutions (including and Airgas SupplySync)
  • Customized billing
  • Online ordering
  • Online bill payment
  • Online cylinder balances
  • Online reporting
  • Customized services for customer-specific projects

Get the support you need
In addition to our diverse selection of products and services, Airgas Healthcare also has the largest team of experienced healthcare specialists and the most locations for serving customers and creating close relationships. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of our associates, we operate in a safe, quick, reliable and efficient way:

  • Safe because safety is an inherent part of our culture that extends from our employees to our customers and the communities in which we operate
  • Quick due to our geographical proximity to customers and supply chain expertise
  • Reliable because we deliver what is needed, when and where it is needed
  • Efficient because we provide multiple channels for engaging us including local healthcare specialists, phone representatives, and Airgas SupplySync, our P2P eProcurement solution


Increase patient safety & optimize time

Accurately track medical oxygen usage and clearly identify the time remaining before run out.

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Iron out the logistics

Get expert guidance with Total Gas Management, a third-party partnership that provides you with a dedicated onsite TGM Specialist.

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Always ready when you are—wherever you are

Simplify supply with our safe, reliable and easy-to-use solution for first responders and healthcare practitioners.

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