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An Airgas worker maintaining and preparing gas cylinders. An Airgas worker maintaining and preparing gas cylinders. An Airgas worker maintaining and preparing gas cylinders.
Whether you need one cylinder or many, our gas cylinders are available in various sizes to meet specific customer needs in a wide range of industrial, medical and specialty gas applications.

Get the complete package with compressed gas cylinders from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

Airgas provides a wide variety of high-pressure and low-pressure cylinders designed for the safe and reliable supply of quality packaged gases. Whether you need a single cylinder, a transportable cylinder, or a pack of 12, we have the right gas cylinder configuration to meet your needs.

Your source for small to medium sized liquid gas consumption

At Airgas, we provide many types of pure gases and gas mixtures, packaged in a variety of cylinder sizes and volumes, to ensure purity and consistency. From standard every day industrial gases to custom multi-component specialty gas mixes down to the ppb level, you can bet we know how to package it. 

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It's more than just a tank

Our compressed gas cylinders are responsible for protecting compressed gas quality and stability, from fill through to your point of use. We offer compressed gas in cylinders that can meet the following accreditations — ask your Airgas representative for more information on other available certifications.

  • FSSC 22000
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 17025
  • NSF 60
  • Halal and Kosher standards

Count on Airgas for flexible and reliable compressed gas supply

From fill through to your point of use, Airgas cylinders protect your gas quality and stability.


Airgas cylinders in use


Fill plants


ISO accredited fill plants*


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*ISO 9001: 81 registered Airgas sites (NSF); ISO 17025: 11 accredited sites (A2LA); ISO 17034: 1 accredited site (A2LA); ISO 17043: 1 accredited site (A2LA).

See what’s innovative in compressed gas cylinder supply

Airgas is at the forefront of innovative gas cylinder technologies. This means minimized gas waste, gas consistency and purity from cylinder to cylinder, and improved safety at the point of use. Additionally, our cylinder valve technologies are easy to use and some, like EXELTOP™, also include built-in pressure control and eliminate the need for an external pressure regulator.

Keep safety first

The safety of your team is first and foremost. Our gas cylinder sizes, materials of construction and valve types are determined by regulatory guidelines set by CGA (Compressed Gas Association) and DOT (Department of Transportation), to name a few. With over 12 million gas cylinders in service, Airgas draws on more than 120 years of experience to determine which gases can be safely contained and transported in which type of gas cylinders. The safe handling of compressed gas cylinders requires training and expertise — download our three-part eBook series to get basic safety information for compressed gas types, plus usage, storage and handling.

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Improve safety for your team and in the communities around you:

Gas handling equipment including regulators, gas detectors and more accessories for safe handling and consistent gas delivery to your point of use

A network of specialists with expertise in gas, delivery equipment and systems, and more

Supply chain solutions to help improve efficiency and save you time:

  • Digital proof of delivery and cylinder tracking with EZ-TRAC™ helps organize cylinders
  • eCertificate data transfer improves accuracy of reporting
  • Digital gas monitoring with EZ-GAZ lets you track your gas usage and provides alerts when you reach your predetermined gas pressure levels
  • Total Managed Services puts an Airgas technician on your site to manage your cylinder logistics and usage