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Airgas® 0 - 140 Pound Tare Rate 10 3/4" X 10 1/4" X 2" Dial Cylinder Scale

Airgas Part #:Y40280-AG


Manufacturer #:900-5


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$637.00 Each
$637.00 Each

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  • The pressure and temperature of a liquefied gas remains constant as material is with-drawn, as long as a liquid phase remains in the cylinder.Once the liquid phase is exhausted, the pressuredrops rapidly and the cylinder empties. This charac-teristic renders a cylinder pressure gauge virtuallyuseless as a means of estimating the time to totalsupply depletion. One way to monitor the contents of a cylinder containing a liquefied gas is by weight. The Model 280 cylinder scale is designed to give apositive indication of the amount of product remainingin the cylinder. Simply subtract the tare weight of thecylinder so that the net contents can be read directly.The optional non-skid ramp makes loading andunloading cylinders convenient, quick, and easy.


  • Tare Weight Range 0-140 LBS Net Weight Range 0-140 LBS Total Weight Capacity 280 LBS (5 lb increments)Readability 1 LB By Estimation Dimensions (WxHxD) 10" x 10 ¼" x 2"


  • These scales are recommended for use with all liquefied gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrous oxide, fluorocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, propane, and heavier hydrocarbon gases.