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Airgas® Spark Free Multipurpose Cylinder Wrench for Cylinder Nuts, Caps and Valves


Airgas Part #:Y99W2000-AG

Manufacturer Part #:W200

$325.88 /Each

Item Details

  • This unique tool offers unique capabilities and is a spark free multipurpose wrench. One tool for removing tight cylinder caps, wrench for connecting both 1? and 1 ¼ sized CGA valve nuts, and indexed pins for opening and closing stubborn cylinder valves. This tool was designed specifically for use with cylinders; caps, CGA nuts and valves. This multipurpose wrench can make every change-out of cylinder gases safer, efficient and reliable.


  • CGA nut wrench –1⅟8 sized (CGA 580, 320, 540, 350, 590, and many other typical CGAs)
  • CGA nut wrench – 1 ¼ sized (CGA 660, 330)
  • Cylinder cap wrench – Spanner hook to provide leverage on cap without damaging it or valve
  • Cylinder valve wrench – 3 indexed pins for gripping cylinder valve
  • Fits most cylinder valves including portable cryogenic container valves
  • Small acetylene wrench – Size MC, B cylinders


  • Wrench body and 3 index pins