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Airgas® Two Stage Brass 0-25 psi Analytical Cylinder Regulator With Needle Outlet CGA-580


Airgas Part #:Y12244A580-AG

Manufacturer Part #:244A580

$623.90 /Each
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$623.90 Each

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  • This analytical series of high-purity brass, two-stage regulators is recommended for non-corrosive analyticaland process applications where precise pressure control isrequired. This series is ideally suited for chromatographiccarrier gas applications including FID, TCD, ECD, HID, andnon-corrosive gas mixtures for analytical instrumentation.These units feature stainless steel diaphragms and bar stockbodies with low internal volume and minimal dead space.The check valve cylinder connection prevents air and conta-minants from entering the gas stream during cylinder changeout. This creates consistencies in processes and extendscolumn life in GC applications. The needle valve model hasthe valve built into the regulator body reducing the gas path.The two-stage design yields a delivery pressure change ofless than 0.26/100 psi inlet change, making this one of themost accurate regulators available from full cylinder toempty. An automatic reseating relief valve protects regulatorcomponents from over pressurization while the encapsulatedfilter assembly protect the valve seats and extend operatingservice life. These regulators are nickel-plated to maintaintheir appearance through years of service.


  • Check Valve Cylinder ConnectionsPrevents air and contaminants from entering process stream during cylinder change outFiltered Seatfor added gas stream purity and extended service life.Stainless Steel Diaphragmseliminates outgassing associated with elastometric diaphragms.Bar Stock Bodyprovides low internal volume.Encapsulated Filter Seat Assyprotect valve seat, extend service life.Nickel-Plated Brass Bodyprovides long-lasting good looks


  • will not tarnish.Panel Mount Bonnetsfront and rear

Product Attributes

Regulator Type

» Cylinder


» 1/4" FNPT"


» Brass


» 1/4" MNPT Instrument Valve"


» Two


» Analytical

Inlet Gauge

» 0-4000