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Industrial Grade Acetylene, 10 Pack Size 5 Acetylene Cradle, CGA 510


Airgas Part #:AC S05

Manufacturer Part #:S05

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Item Details

  • Acetylene (C2H2) - a colorless, highly flammable gas with a garlic-like odor.


  • Acetylene has the highest flame temperature of any common hydrocarbon because of its triple-bond structure H-C+/-C-H.


  • Its high flame temperature allows it to be used in a variety of metal working applications like cutting, welding, brazing, and soldering.


  • Always use in accordance with the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Cylinder must be stored and used in an upright, secured position in a well-ventilated or monitored area.
  • Always follow local fire code requirements when storing gas cylinders.
  • Delivery pressure should not exceed 15 psi
  • Major hazards: Fire (extremely flammable)
  • May form explosive acetylides in the presence of copper, mercury, or silver

Product Attributes

CGA Connection

» CGA 510

Cylinder Size

» 10 Pack 5 Acetylene
» 10 Pack
» 5 Acetylene

Gas Grade

» Industrial