Dry Ice Blasting Pellets (Approximately 1/8") Blasting Use Only

Airgas Part #:CD ICEP3BL

Manufacturer Part #:ICEP3BL

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Item Details

  • Dry Ice blasting pellets are used for carbon dioxide cleaning. Dry ice cleaning uses dry ice accelerated at supersonic speeds, creating “mini-explosions” that lift the undesirable item off the surface, instead of using abrasive media to grind and potentially damage a surface. Safer and cleaner than other popular “blasting” methods, dry ice blasting is a highly effective method for removing unwanted materials from food and beverage equipment and other surfaces.


  • Blasting Use Only
  • Food and beverage equipment cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Disaster remediation
  • Historical conservation and preservation


  • Dry Ice Warnings:
  • Dry Ice is extremely cold (-109°F) (-78.5°C).
  • Avoid Contact with skin and eyes.
  • Contact cause cold burns.
  • Asphyxiant - Liberates heavy gas which may cause suffocation-KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
  • Do not seal in glass or other tightly closed containers.
  • Do not enter areas where used or stored until area is properly ventilated.
  • Use heavy gloves, safety shoes, and protective clothing when handling.
  • To Safely Dispose of Unused Dry ICE: Wearing suitable hand protection, place unused dry ice into an uncovered, durable plastic or metal container and allow it to sublimate/evaporate ina secure, well-ventilated area.
  • DO NOT DISPOSE OF UNUSED DRY ICE: In sinks, toilets or sweres. In trash bins or garbage cans. In any area accessible to the general public.

Product Attributes

Dry Ice Shape

» Blasting Pellets


» Approximately 1/8"