Industrial Grade Hydrogen, Size 200 High Pressure Steel Cylinder, CGA-350

Airgas Part #:HY 200

Manufacturer Part #:200

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Item Details

  • As a fuel gas with Oxygen, Hydrogen produces a relatively low flme temperature of 5,125°F (2,830°C) and it is most useful for the brazing of aluminum and magnesium and for lead welding. Because Hydrogen can be safely compressed to overcome underwater pressures, Oxy-Hydrogen cutting torches are sometimes employed by divers on salvage operations. Mixed in small quantities with Argon, Hydrogen brings significant improvements in weld quality for stainless steels. Hydrogen is also increasingly used in plastic brushing applications.


  • Size 200 High Pressure Industrial Cylinder
  • DOT Specification: 3AA-2015 - Canada 3AA-M154
  • O.D.: 9" - 229 mm
  • Length: 51" - 1295 mm
  • Weight: 106 lbs - 48 kg
  • Airco/BOC = H
  • Sizes may vary by location. Contact your Airgas representative or local branch location for availability in your area.


  • Petroleum and chemical industries
  • Hydrogenating agent
  • Production of Methanol
  • Shielding Gas in Welding

Product Attributes

CGA Connection

» CGA 350

Cylinder Size

» 200 Steel HP

Gas Grade

» Industrial