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3/32" X 39" ER90S-G THERMANIT MTS 616 Carbon Steel TIG Rod 11 lb Tube

Airgas Part #:UTP57648

Manufacturer Part #:57648

$43.78 /US Pound
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$963.16 Carton 22 US pound / Carton

Item Details

  • Thermanit MTS 616 is a solid wire / rod designed for manual gas tungsten arc welding. The 9Cr-1.8W-0.5Mo-V-Nb type weld metal exhibits a tempered martensitic microstructure with favorable mechanical properties in the post weld heat treated condition. The range of application covers joint welding of similar creep strength enhanced ferritic steels like ASTM grade 92 tube, pipe, plate and forgings used in the thermal power generation industry. Thermanit MTS 616 is approved for long-term service at temperatures up to 1200ºF. Thanks to the controlled Mn+Ni content, the A C1 Temperature is certainly above 1436ºF. The chemical composition of Thermanit MTS 616 is optimized in order to provide a high creep resistant and ductile weld metal after post weld heat treatment along with low level of trace elements.

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» 39"

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» 11 lb


» 3/32"

AWS Classification

» ER90S-G