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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Titanium dioxide (airborne, unbound particles of respirable size), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Carbon monoxide, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

1/16" E71T-1C Fabshield® Excel-Arc™ 71 Self Shielded Flux Core Carbon Steel Tubular Welding Wire 600 lb Drum

Airgas Part #:HOBS247119-056

Manufacturer Part #:S247119-056

$5.64 /US Pound
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$3,384.00 Pack 600 US pound / Pack
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Item Details

  • HOBART® Excel-Arc™ 71 Gas Shielded Flux Core Carbon Steel Tubular Welding Wire of 1/16" Dia is made for use with a CO2 or a 75% Ar/25% CO2 gas mixture to make fabrication easier in any position. Rutile-type, flux-cored wire withstands cracking in severe applications and gives low hydrogen weld deposit in a spray-type transfer of weld metal with less smoke and deep penetration. Wire with fast freezing slag bridges poor fit-up and offers enhanced weld toughness for critical welds at low temperatures. It increases productivity while minimizing part rework/rejection and gives good out-of-position capability. Wire with low spatter and high-deposition rate, makes cleaning up a snap while reducing the risk of inclusions. It exceeds the AWS impact strength necessity of 27 J at both -20 deg F and -40 deg F. Wire will have 84000 psi tensile strength, 77000 yield strength, 48.80 J CVN at 0 deg F and 28% elongation when welded using CO2. Wire will have 90000 psi tensile strength, 83000 yield strength and 28% elongation when welded using 75% Ar/25% CO2. It is associated with E71T-1C H8, E71T-1M H8, E71T-9C H8, E71T-9M H8 class of wires and is used for mild and low alloy steel applications as well as single and multiple pass applications. Wire comes in an exacto-pak of 600 lb and is used in structural steel, general fabrication as well as heavy equipment industries. This wire has to be stored in a dry, enclosed environment and in its original intact packaging.


  • Fast freezing slag
  • Easy slag removal
  • Good impact toughness
  • Low fumes and spatter
  • Able to bridge poor fit up without burn through


  • AWS Class E71T-1C/1M H8/9C/9M H8
  • Code and Specification Data: AWS A5.20/AWS A5.20M, ASME SFA 5.20, AWS D1.8/D1.8M


  • General fabrications Single and multiple pass applications with CO2 and or Argon/CO2 gas shielding
  • Heavy equipment
  • Structural fabrication
  • Non-alloyed and fine grain steels


  • Consumers should be thoroughly familiar with the safety precautions on the warning label posted in each shipment and in the American National Standard Z49.1, Safety in Welding and Cutting, published by the American Welding Society
  • Avoid breathing welding fumes and gases, they may be dangerous to your health
  • Always use adequate ventilation
  • Always use appropriate personal protective equipment

Product Attributes

AWS Classification

» E71T-1C
» E71T-9C
» E71T-M


» 1/16"

Trade Name

» Fabshield® Excel-Arc™ 71
» Fabshield®


» 600 lb

Core Info

» Flux Core