MIG Gun Guide

Use these simple diagrams to inform the way you use your MIG gun

Back End Connector and Control Wires

Selecting a Cooling System

When deciding between a water- or air-cooled MIG gun, there are a few factors you should consider. Specifically, you should focus on the application and amperage requirements, welding operator’s preference and cost considerations. Read more on Airgas Thinks.

GMAW Variables

  • Stick Out
  • Electrode Extension
  • Arc Length
  • Nozzle-to-Work Distance
  • Contact Tip to Work Distance
  • Contact Tip Setback

Illustration of welding technique

Gun Position

Gun angles and positions

  • Stick Out
  • Electrode Extension
  • Arc Length

Various gun angles and positions

Travel Angles

Illustration of push and drag travel angles

Electrode Extension-Amperage

Graph of Electrode Extension-Amperage

Travel Speed

  • Incorrect travel speeds can cause discontinuities and rejectable welds
  • Travel speeds affects penetration and weld bead shape

Gun angles and positions

  • Help shape the weld bead
  • Help determine the penetration
Travel speed and penetration

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