Knowing is half the purchase

When you're shopping for MIG welding supplies, it's important to choose products that support your needs and goals. Here are a few facts that could influence your decision:

  • Amperage has a greater impact on base metal penetration than voltage does
  • Welding in spray transfer mode requires a shielding gas containing at least 80% argon
  • You can find more helpful tips to help you buy smart on our MIG Welding Tips & Tricks page

WATCH: Get a closer look at the MIG process

Complete your MIG welding setup

Use this diagram to guide your shopping experience

  • 1. Shielding Gas
  • 2. Regulator/Flowmeter
  • 3. Gas Hose
  • 4. Wire Feeder
  • 5. Power Source
  • 6. Feeder/Contractor Control Cord
  • 7. Electrode Lead
  • 8. Work Lead
  • 9. Work Clamp
  • 10. Coolant System
  • 11. Water In
  • 12. Water Out
  • 13. Gun
  • 14. Work

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