ECO ORIGIN™ Bulk Gases

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The time to reduce our carbon footprint is now

Industry plays a major role in meeting the challenge of climate change by developing new technologies and value chains for transitioning all of us to a low carbon footprint. At Airgas, we acknowledge our responsibility and have been working with Air Liquide Group to combine growth with respect for our environment.

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ECO ORIGIN bulk gases

Together we are committed to a better environment

Airgas is taking action now and committed to proactively helping reduce our carbon footprint. ECO ORIGIN bulk nitrogen and oxygen gases are a simple choice that may help you reduce your Scope 3 CO2 emissions. Now you can get the same great gas but with a much cleaner carbon footprint. Complete the formform above or email us at

ECO ORIGIN bulk gases

What is ECO ORIGIN bulk gas?

Nitrogen and oxygen bulk gases produced with net zero emissions via Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Your annual report is based on Airgas’ methodology and calculations, verified by an independent third party. For more information, complete the formform above or contact your Airgas representative

Emissions from transportation are mitigated by corresponding CO2 emissions offsets

Hear from one of our climate change experts

Airgas is committed to proactively engaging with our customers to reduce their environmental footprint and achieve eco-friendly growth.

Brian Jones, Director, Risk Management & Corporate Responsibility

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