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0.1PPM Formaldehyde, Balance Nitrogen Certified Reference Material, Size 150 High Pressure Aluminum, CGA 350

Airgas Part #:X02NI99C15A0634

Manufacturer Part #:NI99C15A0634

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About this product

The preferred compliance test for measuring formaldehyde in stack emissions is EPA Method 320.  Formaldehyde-containing spike gas is introduced from a cylinder directly into the stack flue gas.  This Formaldehyde calibration gas can be used to calibrate the FTIR spectroscopy used to measure the recovery of spike gas to demonstrate that the stack gas formaldehyde concentration is representative and accurate.


0.1 PPM

Product Attributes

CGA Connection

• 350SS

Gas Grade

• Formaldehyde Calibration Gas

  • Airgas operates its own dedicated blending facilities as well as maintains a national network of blending technology to ensure accurate, consistent production.


  • Always use in accordance with the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Cylinder must be stored and used in an upright, secured position in a well-ventilated or monitored area.
  • Always follow local fire code requirements when storing gas cylinders.