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Weiler® 2" Small Diameter Burr-Rx® Nylox Wheel Brush With .022/320SC Abrasive Nylon Crimped Fill And 1/2" Arbor Hole

Airgas Part #:WBU17543

Manufacturer Part #:17543

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  • Weiler's Nylox® wheel brushes are available in diameters from 6" to 20". Used predominately in deburring operations, Nylox brushes are especially well suited for automated applications involving robots and CNC equipment, but can also be used off-hand. The wheels are filled with abrasive nylon filaments with grit sizes ranging from 46 to 1200. Different filament shapes can be selected to achieve optimum operating results. For help selecting the right Nylox product for a specific application, contact Weiler's Application Engineering Department.


  • Nylox abrasive brushes work with a wiping and filing action. Think of them as flexible files.
  • They work best when operated at speeds that allow fairly deep penetration of the work-piece into the brush filaments. Usually, faster speeds do not work as well as slower speeds.
  • The maximum RPM marked on the brush is not the optimum working speed. A good rule of thumb is to stay under 3500 SFPM.


  • When using abrasive nylon wheel brushes, optimum aggression is obtained and wheel life maximized when the work-piece penetrates into the face of the brush approximately 1/8 of the trim length. The sides of the Nylox filament actually do the work. To achieve a maximum edge radius and complete burr removal, parts should be buried into a slow running brush face.
  • When using abrasive nylon disc brushes, a good starting point for a depth of penetration between the brush face and work surface is 0.100". This depth of interference produces the best compromise between aggression and brush life. The feed rate starting point of Nylox disc brushes is 18"/minute. This feed rate should then be adjusted faster or slower to achieve optimum operating conditions. On soft materials and parts with small burrs, high feed rates can normally be achieved.


  • Deburring
  • Generating Specific Edge Radii On Parts
  • Surface Finishing
  • Light Cleaning

Product Attributes

Brush Type

» Copper Center

Wire Type

» Silicon Carbide

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» Nylox®