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ESAB® OK® Flux 10.62 Submerged Arc Flux 55 lb Bag

Airgas Part #:ESA1U62802000

Manufacturer Part #:1U62802000

$4.01 /US Pound
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Item Details

  • ESAB® OK® Flux 10.62 is a high basicity, neutral, bonded flux intended primarily for multipass butt welding carbon and low alloy steel plate. OK® Flux 10.62 produces weld metal that is very clean metallurgically and exhibits exceptional impact toughness at low temperatures. OK® Flux 10.62 provides well-shaped beads and free peeling slag. Applications for OK® Flux 10.62 include offshore oil rigs (meets CTOD requirements), fracture critical bridge members, ship construction, pressure vessels, and tank cars. It is suitable for use with AC and DC, single and multiwire systems at currents up to 1000 amps. OK® Flux 10.62 should only be used in applications where the base plate is free of rust and mill scale.

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Trade Name

» OK® Flux 10.62


» 55 lb