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Lincoln Electric® Lincolnweld® 780® Submerged Arc Flux 550 lb Drum

Airgas Part #:LINED032007

Manufacturer Part #:ED032007

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Item Details

  • Lincoln Electric® Lincolnweld® 780 Submerged Arc Flux features fast freezing slag for easy removal and minimized spilling. It is recommended for a wide range of single and multi-pass welding applications when paired with Lincolnweld® L-61. It is ideal for low flash-through, excellent bead shape and easy slag removal--choose Lincolnweld® 780.


  • Industry standard for submerged arc welding applications
  • Fast freezing slag for easy removal and minimized spilling on circumferential welds
  • When paired with Lincolnweld® L-61 it is recommended for up to three pass welding applications
  • Excellent bead shape and slag removal
  • Good resistance to moisture contamination for reduced porosity


  • EN 760 - SA AB 1
  • EN 760 - SA AR 1


  • Single pass welding of mild steel
  • Flat fillet welds with constant voltage power source

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Trade Name

» Lincolnweld® 780®
» Lincolnweld®


» 550 lb