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Lincoln Electric® Lincolnweld® H-560™ Submerged Arc Flux 100 lb Bag

Airgas Part #:LINED036785

Manufacturer Part #:ED036785

$6.51 /US Pound
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$390.60 Bag 60 US pound / Bag
$24,998.40 Pallet 3,840 US pound / Pallet
US pound
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Item Details

  • Lincoln Electric® Lincolnweld® H-560 Hardfacing Submerged Arc Flux features low carbon martensitic deposit and produces a deposit with good abrasion resistance, allows some machinability.


  • High alloy flux depositing primary carbides in a martensitic matrix


  • Hardfacing

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» Lincolnweld® H-560™
» Lincolnweld®


» 100 lb