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3/16" X 14" Acetylene Tube Borium® 10 lb Box

Airgas Part #:STO10228100

Manufacturer Part #:10228100

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Item Details

  • Stoody® Bare Acetylene Tube Borium® Stick Electrode measuring 3/16" Dia X 14" is manufactured by metering crushed tungsten carbide particles of controlled mesh size into steel tubes. It features 30 - 40 mesh and borium deposits absorb more impact. It is intended for metal-to-earth applications that involves oxy-acetylene and gas tungsten arc welding. It is ideal for welding plowshares, helicopter pads, cane knives, teeth and drill bits.


  • For ATB, adjust excess acetylene flame 3x length of inner core
  • Use torch tip size larger than normally used to weld same diameter mild steel rod
  • Sweat deposits to parent metal with minimum dilution
  • Limit to one layer
  • Maximum working temperature is 900°F


  • Plow shares
  • Cane knives
  • Teeth
  • Tool drill bits

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» Acetylene Tube Borium®


» 3/16"


» 14"


» 10 lb


» Bare