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1/8" X 14" BOROD® 10 lb Box

Airgas Part #:STO10231300

Manufacturer Part #:10231300

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Item Details

  • Stoody® Bare Borod Stick Electrode measuring 1/8" Dia X 14" features heterogeneous deposit that consists of tungsten carbide particles suspended in a tungsten steel matrix. It features particle mesh size of 40 that provide deposits resembling to fine grit sandpaper and finer mesh size provides slightly increased wear protection. It is used in oxy-acetylene welding process and metal-to-earth application that requires extreme abrasion resistance with low impact resistance. It is ideal for welding irrigation shovels, chisel teeth, auger bits, anvil knives, bean knives, twisted chisels and conveyor fans.


  • For BARE BOROD adjust excess acetylene flame 3x length of inner cone
  • Use torch tip size larger than normally used to weld same diameter mild steel rod
  • Sweat deposit to parent metal, applying with minimum dilution
  • Avoid multiple layers. For hot wear application up to 900°F


  • Irrigation Shovels
  • Chisel Teeth
  • Auger Bits
  • Anvil Knives
  • Bean Knives
  • Twisted Chisels
  • Conveyor Fans

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» 1/8"


» 14"


» 10 lb


» Bare