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.052" ER70S-3 SuperArc® L-50® Carbon Steel MIG Wire 1000 lb

Airgas Part #:LINED032845

Manufacturer Part #:ED032845

$4.48 /US Pound
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$4,480.00 Drum 1,000 US pound / Drum
$8,960.00 Pallet 2,000 US pound / Pallet
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Item Details

  • Our most popular MIG wire, SuperArc® L-50®, premium copper coated wire, is an excellent choice for 50,000 psi (345 MPa) yield strength, carbon steel base materials.


  • Moderate levels of manganese and silicon for deoxidization of clean to light mill scale surfaces
  • Superior feeding and arc stability
  • Copper coated for long contact tip life
  • Supports short-circuiting, globular, axial spray and pulsed spray transfer

Product Attributes


» .052"

AWS Classification

» ER70S-3


» 1000 lb

Trade Name

» SuperArc®
» SuperArc® L-50®