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0.030" ER70S-6 NS ARC® NS115 Silver-Glide™ Carbon Steel MIG Wire 33 lb 11.75" Spool

Airgas Part #:NAT1020433

Manufacturer Part #:1020433

$5.59 /US Pound
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  • .030" ER70S-6 RADNOR™ PEAK™ S-6NC Carbon Steel MIG Wire 33 lb 11" Plastic Spool

    Airgas Part #:RAD64004247

    Manufacturer Part #:70S603033NCC

    $4.00 /US Pound

Item Details

  • NS ARC™ NS115 Silver-Glide™ 0.030 carbon steel CopperFree™ MIG welding wire 33LB Spool ER70S-6


  • NS-115 Silver-Glide™ is a CopperFree™ mild steel solid filler wire containing a high combined total of manganese and silicon
  • The wire produces a smooth, uniform welding arc, which minimizes weld spatter and results in excellent bead appearance and high operator appeal
  • The excellent operating characteristics of NS-115 appeal to users seeking better performance in their ER70S-6 applications


  • AWS A5.18: ER70S-6 H4
  • ASME SFA-5.18: ER70S-6
  • MIL-E-23765/1: MIL-70S-6
  • CWB W48: B-G 49A 3 C1 S6
  • ABS ER70S-6


  • NS-115 Silver-Glide™ CopperFree™ welding wire provides the ultimate in flexibility to support your GMAW operations
  • Cast of 35" (.88m) to 55" (1.3m) and Helix below 1" (25.4mm) improve feedability and provide accurate wire positioning
  • Higher Silicon content reduces the molten metal surface tension, resulting in flatter bead profiles
  • Manufactured according to ISO9001:2008 quality standards
  • Excellent arc starts, arc stability and feedability
  • Minimal spatter
  • No copper flaking
  • High level de-oxidizers
  • Excellent weld appearance and post weld cleaning


  • Engineered by our top experts at our facility located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, an ISO 9001:2015 plant, the NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 115 is the ideal choice of CopperFree™ welding wire for a wide range of applications, including all metal transfer modes of GMAW and robotic, mechanized, or semi-automatic welding
  • Whether you’re dealing with steel containing medium to heavy mill scale, rust, or oil, our wire rises to the challenge, delivering unparalleled precision and efficient welding capabilities
  • It excels in single and multi-pass weldments and is perfectly suited for applications that require a minimum tensile strength of 70,000 psi

Product Attributes


» 0.030"

AWS Classification

» ER70S-6


» 33 lb

Trade Name

» NS115 Silver-Glide™

Spool Diameter

» 11.75"


» Spool