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.045" STOODY® 964-G Hard Facing MIG Wire 33 lb Basket

Airgas Part #:STO11965300

Manufacturer Part #:11965300

$18.00 /US Pound
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Item Details

  • STOODY® 964-G deposit is a specially formulated wear resistant alloy which produces a uniform distribution of small primary carbides in a martensitic matrix. The small carbides provide improved wear resistance over martensitic steel, many tool steels, and some conventional chromium carbide alloys. 964-G possesses excellent resistance to impact and plastic deformation. Deposits are crack free on carbon 300 stainless and manganese steels. Other base metals should be preheated and post heated appropriately. The material is characterized by a high hardness and excellent wear resistance. 964-G is recommended for parts where cross checking is undesirable. 964-G offers improved weldability over chromium carbide and many other tool steel welding wires.


  • Amperage Range: 195 - 275
  • Tensile Strength: 60-65 HRC
  • Process: GMAW
  • Material: Small Primary Carbides in a Martensitic Matrix


  • Slitter blades
  • Auger flights
  • Rendering screws
  • Tamper tools
  • Extruder screws
  • Tamper feet
  • Tillage tools
  • Dredge parts
  • Tire shredders
  • Drag line bucket lips
  • Sugar cane harvesters

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» STOODY® 964-G


» 33 lb


» .045"


» Basket