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1/16" STOODY® 970-G Hard Facing MIG Wire 33 lb Basket

Airgas Part #:STO11996200

Manufacturer Part #:11996200

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Item Details

  • STOODY® 970-G is a non-chromium bearing hardfacing welding wire which results in a deposit that has wear resistance and hardness equal to or greater than conventional carbide deposits. STOODY® 970-G was specifically formulated to eliminate chromium in the wire and still provide outstanding wear resistance. As there is no chromium in the welding wire, the emission of hexavalent chromium during welding is reduced or completely eliminated (depending on the chromium content of the base metal or pre-existing weld deposit). STOODY® 970-G provides a wear resistant overlay for applications where hexavalent chromium in welding fumes cannot be reduced by work practice controls.


  • Amperage Range: 225 - 300
  • Tensile Strength: 67-71 HRC
  • Process: GMAW
  • Material: Small Primary Carbides in an Iron Base Matrix


  • Agriculture
  • Quarrying
  • Mining

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Trade Name

» STOODY® 970-G


» 33 lb


» 1/16"


» Basket