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.045" ERNi-CI Arcos 651 Maintenance Alloy MIG Wire 30 lb 12" Spool

Airgas Part #:S04S651-Y-S30

Manufacturer Part #:S651-Y-S30-1B

$64.49 /US Pound
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$1,934.70 Spool 30 US pound / Spool
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Item Details

  • This commercially pure nickel wire is designed for making easily machined welds by automatic or semi-automatic methods. This classification is intended for welding ductile, malleable and grey cast iron using gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc and submerged arc welding processes.


  • Arcos 651 handles dissimilar welding applications which include the gas metal arc welding of cast irons to low alloy and carbon steels


  • Protect yourself and others read the safety data sheet prior to using this product.

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» Arcos 651

AWS Classification



» .045"


» 30 lb


» Spool

Spool Diameter

» 12"