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.045" ERNiCrMo-14 INCO-WELD® Nickle Alloy MIG Wire 30 lb

Airgas Part #:INCN68604530SS

Manufacturer Part #:N686-045-30SS

$78.67 /US Pound
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Item Details

  • Special Metals Inco-Weld® 686CPT ERNiCrMo-14 .045" Dia Ni-Cr-Mo Filler Metal comes on a 30 lb spool and is suitable to deposit overlays of outstanding corrosion resistance onto a range of steels. Filler metal can be used for gas tungsten arc as well as gas metal arc welding of duplex, super duplex and super-austenitic stainless steels, nickel alloys such as UNS N06059/N06022, Inconel® Alloy C-276 and Inconel® Alloys 622/625/686. Filler metal having tensile strength of 110000 psi is perfect for service environments that require general corrosion resistance in HCI or sulfuric acid. Filler metal exhibits resistance to crevice corrosion in hot, concentrated acid chloride solutions such as sulfur dioxide, saturated NaCl solutions and oxidizing chloride solutions. It offers resistance to intergranular attack after sensitization, in highly oxidizing environments.


  • AWS A5.14


  • Keep your head out of the fumes
  • Use enough ventilation, exhaust at the arc, or both, to keep fumes and gases from your breathing zone and the general area
  • Wear correct eye, ear, and body protection

Product Attributes

Trade Name


AWS Classification

» ERNiCrMo-14


» .045"


» 30 lb