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.045" ERNiCrMo-3 UTP A 6222 MO-3 Nickel Alloy MIG Wire 33 lb Spool

Airgas Part #:UTP78088

Manufacturer Part #:78088

$37.22 /US Pound
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Item Details

  • UTP A 6222 Mo-3 has been developed for applications in the oil and gas industry, and is mainly used for cladding and joining of unalloyed and high strength low-alloyed steel (HSLA) components. Typical applications are internal cladding of tubes and pipes, risers, and subsea components such as manifolds, BOPs, Christmas trees, wellheads, flanges, valve bodies, blocks, etc. to improve corrosion resistance to surfaces exposed to hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulfide. Typical base metals for these applications are SAE 4130, SAE 8630, F 22, F 65. UTP A 6222 Mo-3 has excellent dissimilar materials welding characteristics and can be used for joining components produced from a variety of clad and base metal alloys such as austenitic, super austenitic, martensitic, Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steels. UTP A 6222 Mo-3 is manufactured to optimize wire feeding and weld pool delivery characteristics though consistent metallurgically sound raw material and physical control of wire processing, prerequisites for successful cold and hot wire GTAW/TIG applications where the highest quality standards have to be fulfilled. The wire can also be successfully applied using the GMAW/MIG process. UTP A 6222 Mo-3 can be welded with either cold or hot wire automated TIG (GTAW) or MIG (GMAW) processes.

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» UTP A 6222 MO-3

AWS Classification

» ERNiCrMo-3


» .045"


» 33 lb


» Spool